This isn't a microblog for status updates so much as it's meant to be a regular check-in, both for myself to clarify what I'm focused on and for others, inspired by /now.

Still working on fitting that Organization Specialist certification in. This term I'm taking Personal Finance and Microsoft Excel. I really would have rather tested out of Microsoft Excel, seeing as I've been using it since... I dunno, Office 2000? But I already tested out of the Business Computing class and apparently that was just a bridge too far.

P and I just recently started playing with an idea for a fantasy world novel about two magical school teachers who are trying to protect a Chosen One from having to be Chosen at ten years old. We're riffing on the Upside-Down Magic books mostly, with some Magic Boarding School influence, but in a fantasy world. Right now it's fun, at least.

For family time, we finished the first Percy Jackson series and are currently reading the last of the Bookwanderers books. After that's over, I think we'll go back and read the next Percy series, but I'm not sure. In personal reading, I finally started the Scum Villain's Self-Saving System and I'm enjoying it so far.

Aside from the new episode of Bluey, I've got a bee in my bonnet about Animal Crossing New Horizons again, so I've been doing a combination of working on my island and watching videos of other people working on their islands.

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