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Last updated 3/8/2024.

Hi, I'm Jack Clayton, aka Jackdaw. I'm a 40-something nerd who's been making websites off and on since the 90s. I'm a husband and a dad, a writer and an artist. I like to describe myself with slightly disparaging terms like "disaster multipotentialite" and "dumpster phoenix" and "perennial sidekick".

You can think of me as a shadow. That's a kind of sidekick, isn't it? Or maybe the other way around, a sidekick is a kind of shadow, and to get out of the shadow, the sidekick has to step out on their own. I'm drawn to the sidekick's role because I'm more of a shadow. I don't want to be perceived. That's a joke so much of the time, but it's true. The thing that has given me the most panic attacks in the last fifteen years, probably even moreso than my health scares, is the mortifying ordeal of being known, of being found, of being seen. Of being known and misunderstood at the same time, of being perceived but not seen, perhaps. It's so easy to mistake a shadow for something else, isn't it?

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Almost all of my regular giving is local, because I believe that change starts on a community level and moves upward.

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