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At first I didn't have a page for links, because I felt like I'd be linking either to obvious things or to the same things everyone else links to, but as I've been looking around the small web I have seen reflections on the importance of connection between sites and of curation versus algorhythmic discovery. Yes, some of the sites and resources I like to recommend are popular and you'll find them linked elsewhere, but my links serve as a list of places I recommend, so it says something about me as well as about the sites.

Given how hard it is for small content creators to get attention without spending all their time and effort trying to court the algorhythm like they're minor nobility at Cinderella's ball, the curation of links and blogrolls, sharing and making things you've enjoyed easily found, is probably as important as content creation when it comes to making the small web a better place. Rather than currying favor with those who have more power than you, why not spend your time with equals, discussing your projects and exchanging recommendations.

When I say “I don’t know where everyone went,” I know everyone’s out there surfing the web, of course, but it feels like it’s a different place now. When the algorithms are determining everything we should be seeing, it’s a much less personal internet. The “For You” pages of the world are right, I am interested in that content, but I’m not seeing it from my friends, or that one author I like, or that random blog I found when I was learning about an obscure hobby. --Human Curation

Garden Plots

Loosely inspired by the idea of the digital garden and by a comment from lost letters in the 32-Bit Cafe chat, I'm aiming to create pages that combine the links I want to save and share with my own thoughts about the topic at hand. If they take on a lot of life of their own, they'll probably move to Projects. You'll also find smaller links collections throughout my site.

The rest of this page includes all of my links and thoughts about making websites and other, related subjects.


These are the kinds of sites that make me want to work on my website. My site may not look much like any of them, but they're what I looked at when I was thinking that I wanted to get back to having a personal website again. Some of them are by people I know, who reminded me how fun this can be, and some are by people I met in the 32-bit Cafe or sites that just instantly impressed me.

  • Marijn
  • maya.land
  • Ritual Dust
  • Ocean Waves
  • Fencraft
  • Faeriepunk
  • Nefaerien
  • Frills
  • VoiceDrew
  • ForeverLikeTh.Is
  • Starbreaker
  • Museum of Alexandra
  • Here Within
  • Cyber Arcadia
  • Flame and Song
  • Metaparadox
  • Kale Chips
  • A Wanderer's Log
  • Seeking
  • Gryphon's Aerie
  • manyface
  • Solaria's Webspace
  • Numeric Citizen Space
  • James' Coffee Blog
I’m here. I’m here. I’m here. Remember that I was here once there’s no longer anything making that be true. --Why Do I Blog Anyway?

Are you ready to make a website? It's fun! You totally should give it a shot if you've got any interest at all. You can spend an hour or two plunking around on Neocities and have a bare bones site up to play with. Admittedly I'm biased, because I've been doing this off and on since I the 90s, but code is fun. It's as simple or as complicated as you want to make it. If you're ready to give it a try, here are some of the links I like to have handy or I've found useful.

Website Resources

you're tellinge me a queer coded this?

Further Thoughts

Still Here?

I have a few more collections of indieweb or small web related links.

Own Your Data is an indieweb principle: that your content should not live in the cloud or in a social media silo but on a site you control. I'm not there yet but it's one of the things I'm trying to learn more about!

Security is getting more important all the time, given how much of our data is being collected online. I'm not an expert in the subject but I try to maintain a basic level of awareness of the evolving digital privacy situation.