Jack of Many Trades

Head On, All In

Originally posted: 2017-02-12

The theme for #domagick is self-transformation. I'm focusing on protection. How does that square?

Well it goes back to a little something called excessive psychic hygiene. I've written about this before. When I was living with my ex and engaged in unhealthy, excessive levels of psychic hygiene, I was doing the metaphysical equivalent of scrubbing my skin raw. After leaving her, I figured out ways to cope and built some elaborate rituals to manage those tendencies.

Now that I'm pretty stable on Prozac, I think it's time to revisit and rebuild my relationship with the most complicated part of my magical practice.

The goal is that, at the end of March, I'll have at least the foundation of a functional, healthy relationship with protection magic that I can maintain on an ongoing basis. To get there, there's going to be some starting from scratch with meditation/shielding techniques, which is part of what I'm doing as prep this month. There's going to be some unpleasantries, because as Mara informed me, you have to excavate deep to lay a good foundation.