Jack of Many Trades

End of the School Year

Originally posted: 2023-06-16

This was Bug's last week of Third Grade, and as of yesterday she's a rising Fourth Grader somehow. Her report card was uploaded today and she got an "M" - for meets grade level standards in everything except spelling, which is amazing... Her online learning setup for first grade was less than ideal and so it's felt like we're playing catch up in a lot of areas since then.

I haven't talked much about the way she struggled with reading, but it was a challenge for us as parents because we were both early readers and because she was always interested in books and loved being read to and really, clearly wanted to read. We talked about evaluations a couple of times with her teachers but they were confident that she was making progress and improving and she'd catch up.

And not only is her reading at grade level, but one of her new favorite activities is reading books to the younger kids in a family downstairs from us! She's worked so, so hard on her reading and really had a breakthough thanks to graphic novels (god bless Dav Pilkey) and her teachers this year. She came home from school with suggestions for stuff kids could do over the summer to resist skill regression but she's got so much to do this summer I think she'll be fine.

P and I did a ton of research and chained together a bunch of camps for Bug to attend this summer, everything from "gamer girls" to "Hindu mythology" to sports camps and overnight nature camping. She's decided to take a break from gymnastics for a while but she wants to try dance instead this summer. She seems a little burned out on gymnastics, and has been having a hard time staying on-task during class, unlike in her other activities, so I think it's fair to say we saw it coming.

I worry about her being overloaded but she always wants to do more. More classes, more playdates, more sleepovers, more sports, more parks. She made up a Worm Rescue Society with one friend and a Book Writing Club with another. Her best friend is struggling with some things and we've been talking about that, and so she's spending more time with other kids too, and hopefully the equilibrium with her best friend will return soon.