Jack of Many Trades

Two Serious Things I Am Thinking About

Originally posted: 2023-03-30

Someone on my reading list posted about her current comfort levels about Covid safety protocols and I was thinking about how reassuring I find it seeing other people still care so I figured I'd post about it too and see what other people are maybe still doing.

We're still masking in public places. Bug masks too, at school and at indoor sports and girl scouts, and has mostly been very conscientious about it. We have eaten out a few times, taking into account the crowds and airflow in places, and air travel is back on the menu- P had to take Bug to see her mom before she passed, and then P flew alone to attend the funeral, and my parents very much want us to come for their anniversary this summer, and somewhere in there we discussed it at length and decided we're also going to take the risk and go to Disney.

Yes, it's kind of terrifying having to make all of these comfort level decisions, and maybe flying at all is a bad idea and maybe adding Disney is an unnecessary risk. I don't know. I feel weird even talking about it because most of the people I know well are very careful so I worry I'm being too cavalier.

We did get Covid once, last August, right when I did start thinking maybe we could be less careful, so I guess I learned my lesson. P had a cough from that that took them months to shake; I was lucky and Bug was fine in like two days.

Right now Bug and I are testing weekly for the snot study so if we come up asymptomatic positive I'll definitely know about it. We all have good masks to wear on the plane and I'm debating taking a personal air filter too.

In general I'm a big fan of masking in crowded public places anyway now. I love not having to worry about what my face is doing. I am also frankly amazed how much the level of masking an elementary-school child can maintain cuts down on the amount of crud that makes it into our household.

And then the second subject is about work, where I've caught a bunch of feelings about things. I've just started the process of going back to school to get a cert or an AAS in Accounting with an eye toward doing some light freelance bookkeeping (because dealing with bookkeepers as an HOA board member has been driving me insane). My job offers tuition assistance and I've had no real interest in leaving it so I figured I might as well take advantage.

But... You know that awkward feeling when you didn't get something you didn't want but you still feel some kind of a way about it?

We got an email earlier this week that one of my teammates is getting put in a Lead position for our team. We're a pretty small team and we haven't previously had a Lead but it'll be really good to have a backup for our manager since she's pretty busy a lot of the time with meetings and stuff, and while other managers can cover some of her duties, they can't do all of them. And if my manager had asked me if I was interested I probably would have said not really, because I'm not interested in management and handling escalated members and all that.

I'm just not sure how I feel about the fact that I didn't even know this position was being created until they announced who had it. They didn't announce it ahead of time at all. Plus it's not one of the other people on the team who've been here for several years, it's a guy who's only been her a little over a year. I think he has previous management experience and I'm sure there's reasons for it but it's a little frustrating, and his sister's a manager so that feels a little icky on top of everything else.

Tuition reimbursement creates a cascading series of obligations to stay, and I don't have any specific desire to leave, not really, but this is the first time in a while that something about my job has really gut-punched me and on top of the whole hassle about accommodations I'm annoyed and... I don't know. I'm not going to have classes for a while anyway, since they haven't even reviewed my transcripts yet so I guess I'm borrowing trouble.

But would it bother you, in this situation? Or would you think it was good because it meant your manager knew you didn't want it?