Jack of Many Trades

A List

Originally posted: 2023-02-23

This week, in the form of bullet points:

  • Tuesday I learned that the reason getting answers from my doctor has been so difficult is that she's on maternity leave

  • I managed to get a last minute phone appointment on Tuesday afternoon with another doctor, which resulted in a new prescription and a promise to write the requested paperwork for six weeks to start with while we work on treatment for my (probably) IBS

  • Wednesday morning I got the letter stating I should work from home until at least late April and forwarded it to HR

  • Wednesday afternoon my boss mentioned that they've pushed starting the mandatory day in office back to late April

  • having taken Thursday and Friday off to yarn crawl without Bug having to come along being bored, it started snowing on Wednesday afternoon and then Thursday classes were cancelled

  • we got two inches of snow and so I had to start my day by shoveling

  • when I came in from shoveling, I realized that the snot delivery from yesterday hadn't been picked up, so I brought them in

  • we tried to yarn crawl in the afternoon but the city of Portland doesn't really know how to plow in an organized manner so we went to all of one yarn shop

  • I bought embroidery thread and laceweight yarn and basically yarn stores are a menace even though I don't knit

  • I made soup and I made stuffed mushrooms and baked the frozen pie

  • I got voicemails from my HOA Nemesis asking for the contact info for the new management company we hired, but she hasn't responded to me asking what's wrong

  • in fact the other people on the board haven't responded to me asking if my HOA Nemesis had messaged/called/left messages for any of them, either

  • I really hate it when someone messages me and I reply and then they don't reply back because it's an unfinished loop and it makes me anxious

  • I checked my email and there was:

    • An email from the snot delivery service that they had tried to pick up my snot today and not succeeded (maybe you should have told me you rescheduled) with no further instructions

    • An email from the management company, asking me to ask EVEN MORE QUESTIONS of the current bookkeeper, and we have done this like four rounds now and I hate it

    • An email from HR at my job, even though I'm out today, letting me know they need my doctor to fill out a different form than the one they sent the first time

    • If HR's goal is to get me to look for another job where I'm full time remote so they don't have to process this shit, they're getting very close to it

    • Did you know I have a coworker who moved to *Texas* and apparently that is fine but I have to do multiple rounds of paperwork to not have to come in?

    • An email that school is closed tomorrow as well so fml

    • Multiple emails about packages, some of which are delayed, some of which are being left places where I have to go retrieve them, none of which I have the brain to sort out right now, and one of which has my new IBS meds

    • An email about our external closet (ie storage unit) that the price is going up (augh, can't get the new storage in fast enough)

  • and now I am going to bed and maybe I will have less whelm in the morning