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Disability and Pagan Parenting and Cookies

Originally posted: 2023-02-17

This week in sewing: I have done several more zippers, and I think I can say I've got the hang of basic zippers now. Something like five or six years after the zipper broke on a bag P liked, I have FINALLY repaired the zipper. (It's a little kludgy but it works and it's better than a bag with a broken zipper that I feel guilty about every time I see it.) I am learning to do button holes! I made some, though they weren't for buttons:

It's kind of fascinating going through the accommodations process with my employer while on the DEI council. (We just got actually asked for our one day to be in office and my boss confirmed if I want to be 100% for health reasons I need to go through this with HR.) It's so weird getting the form letter that my employer needs my medical information so they can determine whether I have a disability. Like... the way that's phrased is just wild to me.

I let things off with my doctor because I wasn't getting pushed to return, but now I've got it moving again. We've reached the point where my diagnosis is "well it's not not IBS so we'll see if treating IBS works" and I've got new meds for that. Waiting for the paperwork now, I probably need to call and poke.

Cookie season is upon us in our Girl Scout council, and the safety training just included a reminder to girls to always deliver cookies in daylight, even if your customer is a vampire. I'd be tempted to say especially if your customer is a vampire, but that's just me.

If you should happen to want girl scout cookies mailed to you, I'm happy to help with that. They have a gluten free one, which is cool, and they have a "digital exclusive" cookie this year, which I'm not entirely sure how I feel about. I guess we'll see how that goes.

Rather than find an all-summer care option for Bug we're chaining together a bunch of week-long day camps (and an overnight camp!) for her to attend. We'd found one in north Portland called Fairy Camp that included foraging and plant identification but also explicitly mentioned working with plant spirits and we were so excited to find something that felt so pagan... and then we got an email that they'll probably have to cancel this year due to city construction. I was way more disappointed than I expected to be, and I think it's because it's so hard to find spiritually-compatible stuff for us.

We can go to the UUs (and we probably will try the local UU church that's closer to us, later this year) and we can try the local ADF rituals again, but it's not the same. Rewild Portland is close- it has the respect for nature and skills- and there's a camp in Portland that does mythology-based storytelling, which is also close but there's always been something else Bug wanted to do more so we haven't actually tried it.

We do our best talking to her, letting her see us practice, she has her own tarot deck and a couple of books for kids, and we took her to a kid event for the winter solstice at Raven's Wing, a local pagan store. But she's also still weirdly terrified of magic sometimes. (She expressed that she was a little scared of going to Fairy Camp because it Might Change Her Life.)

On the other hand, my kid consistently refers to angels as fairies and appears to have picked up very little Christian baggage (she knows the nativity story because my mom sent her a picture book about it, but it lives with the other mythology books) thanks to a school that's very committed to the idea that holidays are for families, not schools.

I don't have a conclusion to this line of thought, it's just a thing I've been thinking about a lot.