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Originally posted: 2023-01-09

Last night was our board meeting and... somehow I'm now Acting President, Acting Treasurer and Secretary all in one, because nobody else wanted to do it. I'm not entirely sure this is allowed, and I'm pretty confident it's not good practice, but it's just until May, right?


I keep telling myself that the upside is that I get to run the meetings so we can get through them a little more efficiently. Fingers crossed.

We're bringing on a third girl scout troop leader, so that's awesome, especially since it's just in time for cookie season. We still need to get a bank account, but I think the council has finally figured out the problem where all my emails were going into spam folder hell so maybe we'll actually get that resolved soon.

Basketball season starts this week, and Bug has practice AND weekly games this year, so we told her we needed her to drop out of her circus class for the season. (Also the times for the games will probably overlap anyway.) She was disappointed about that but she's excited about basketball and knows she'll be going back after the season anyway.

We were thinking she was going to have to drop ninja too, since they'd replaced her "yellow ninja" class with a "green ninja" class when all of her classmates advanced. [personal profile] p_cocincinus emailed the head coach about it, asking if we could do some kind of private coaching or something to get her ready for it since she was literally missing one skill and we're pretty confident the actual problem is she's short and it's a vault done on a tall mat so it's physically very different for her than it's supposed to be for taller kids, and the head coach talked to her most recent coach and made the executive decision to advance her. (I'm sure it helps that the head coach has had her for both gymnastics and ninja and knows her skill level pretty well.)

I'm always anxious about sounding like a super precious parent when something like that comes up, because like, I did enough activities like dance and martial arts that I understand that the coaches know her skill levels better than I do, I just need to know what I can do to help her, what she needs to be working on so we can talk to her about it when she's frustrated, how to make it work, etc. Fortunately P is really good at wording things like that with teachers and coaches and the like.

I'm just glad it's resolved and we've got a schedule worked out for the next two months even if we're still waiting on the basketball game schedule.

Helping Bug clean her room has been a lot of fighting so finally I broke down and asked Bug for permission to do it while she was elsewhere and she agreed, so P and I spent several hours on Saturday corralling and sorting tiny, tiny accessories. P seems to be amused by my ability to look at a tiny plastic fork or bag or shoe and know whether it's for Calico Critters or Barbie or LOL dolls. (Size, quality of plastic, colorways, whether/how it's meant to attach to the doll it comes from, primarily, but some of it is just knowing that purse with the brain design is from the Thriller-themed LOL doll and not from Ghoulia, the zombie girl from Monster High or whatever.)

Bug decided on her own that while she likes the Barbie Dream House, it's too big for her to really enjoy and also she prefers playing with Chelsea in general. (My sister sent her a "Chelsea playhouse" for Christmas that's much smaller, which seemed to help finalize this decision in her mind.) So Barbie is downsizing to her Tiny House and we took pics of the dream house, RV, giant closet and some dolls and accessories Bug is done with to post on FB Marketplace.

The deal whenever we sell Bug's old toys is that she gets half of the money. If and when she asks to renegotiate that now that she largely uses her allowance and also has Snot Money income, I'm willing to, but it's always seemed fair to me that she gets something for it since they're her toys, and we get something for it since I handle the logistics of selling it and in the past we've mostly paid for them.

(Snot Money: Bug and I are doing a longitudinal study of COVID and other infectious diseases re: community spread that requires, among other things, a weekly nasal swab from each of us. We get paid $10/month each for this (with a bonus for blood draws every six months) so in the same way I referred to it as selling my blood when I was doing the blood test samples, this is selling my snot.)