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Cyberpunk Dystopia

Originally posted: 2022-12-15

Deleted my mastodon account in a fit of overwhelm or something, I don't know. I was up late editing so I could post the next chapter of Time and Time Again and Again and Again so I probably shouldn't be making, you know, decisions. But it's too late now, I deleted it, it's gone.

I'm anxious about the house shopping because as soon as I said something, we ended up having a bunch of unpleasant surprises with the mortgage application and now we're stuck. I'm frustrated, I'm not sure how I feel about our realtor, I feel like nobody will give us a straight answer about anything so the brain raccoons are having a field day.

And that means I end up squarely fighting the battle about DECLUTTER ALL THE THINGS as we try to figure out if it's physically possible to make this place show-able while we still live in it. Probably hence the account deleting. I hate that I work in fucking banking and this process still seems like a black box to me, I hate that people will say "you're approved" and then wait two days and be like "actually there's stipulations we never talked about" and I hate the Portland housing market.

I saw someone commenting on the StableDiffusion Reddit community about how automation will free people from having to work... in response to someone who works in translation talking about how MTL made translation work worse because translators are paid less to do the shittier job of fixing MTL translations instead.

I think AI art is a complicated subject and I don't pretend to understand how the algorithms work but I think if you're referring to "making art" as something people should want to be freed from and just a matter of retraining into another skillset I think maybe you're not understanding what art is for.