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Stuff I've Been Reading and Thinking About Lately

Originally posted: 2022-11-25

If you're not reading siderea, you miss out on a lot of interesting stuff. Most recently, a series: The Great Age of Plagues

A whole bunch of people wrote anxious comments asking me if I meant that I didn't think Covid was ever going away. More than are visible, because I screened many of them. I decided not to answer with my real answer at that time. It was pretty clear a lot of people were absolutely not emotionally prepared for it. My answer was neither that I thought Covid was going away nor that I didn't think Covid was going away. My answer was, "Covid? Who's talking about Covid?"

You May Be Early, but You're Not Wrong: A Covid Reading List

There’s a line from the film The Big Short that echoes through my head these days. The investor Michael Burry says, “I may have been early, but I’m not wrong.” There’s a lot of us who feel like that right now. A majority of the world thinks we’re crazy. In reality, we’re not crazy at all. We have the facts. Over the last few months, there’s been an avalanche of studies telling us that Covid poses a major threat to our health, our lives, and our sanity. The biggest risk now comes in the weeks and months after we recover. Our politicians and media have done a poor job communicating this threat. Instead, they’re doing their best to manipulate information to protect their own political interests. The public has bought into these lies. They want to believe they can return to normal. The latest studies tell us that’s not possible.

John Beckett posted: Surviving and Succeeding in Difficult Times

No one has unlimited capacities and resources. Some have more than others, but everyone has to choose their priorities. As the cliché goes, everything can be important, but everything can’t be first.