Jack of Many Trades

Witchcraft Interview Meme

Originally posted: 2022-05-09

Or at least the beginning of an interview meme:

  1. What drew me to witchcraft?

What drew me to witchcraft in the first place was feeling like there were definitely things going on that the Catholicism I was raised with didn't explain or account for. I was in my mid-teens and wanted something edgy, or at least a paradigm where I wasn't just a mentally ill daydreamer.

  1. How do I see the divine?

I tend to put everything under the catch-all term of "powers" - nature spirits, ancestors, gods, everything. Divinity is just a current of energy, and some spirits have more connection to it than others, and in general if a power I'm working wants to be called a god, I'll say yes.

  1. What in witchcraft makes me happy?

The moment when it clicks, the sense of satisfaction when you realize you've been given what you asked for in a spell or a working, or even the gentle thwack of a clue-by-four making me realize something was doing what I wanted it to do all along, even without me noticing.

  1. Do I want to follow a path that has to do with a little nature, or a lot of nature?

I do a lot of my work with spirits of place, but my "place" is pretty urban, so I think the answer to that varies according to the assumptions of the person asking the question. ;)