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Doing the Brigid Thing

Originally posted: 2021-01-09

I don't usually do guided meditations as a religious thing, but I've been doing sleep stories a lot and I've not been sure what to "do" for Brigid aside from Hearth-tending so I figured why not. I picked this one by John Beckett largely at random from the YouTube results, because I recognized his name.

It is, probably unsurprisingly, a three part meditation. The first part leads you to Brigid on a hilltop, carrying a harp, and you're supposed to be told what your "great work" is. You may guess this didn't work well for me. Figuring out what to work on and what I'm supposed to be doing is one of my top three hangups, and when he said "Ah! Yes, of course! Thank her for your answer." I opened my eyes and stared at the screen and almost noped out.

But it started back up again and I closed my eyes and figured why the fuck not, right?

The second one walks you to the Lady of the Forge and it was here that I had a proper, vivid image of Brigid. The implication I think was that I was in a long-ago village or something, but the forge I saw was not particularly historic, and Brigid was wearing jeans and a green cotton flannel shirt with the sleeves rolled up, heavy leather gloves and lightly-tinted goggles. Her hair was pulled up in a Ms Frizzle look and she gestured for me to grab a pair of tongs and hold what she was hammering. While Beckett asked me to consider if I was the hammer or the anvil, I stood in the forge-heat and braced myself as Brigid raised a sledgehammer with both hands and brought it down on the iron.

We went on like that for what felt like a while, and when Beckett told me to thank her and I did, mentioning I didn't think it'd work and was glad it did, she ruffled my hair like I was a kid and told me to be patient.

The third part was with the Lady of the Well and it was a bit more vivid than the first but not nearly so much as the second.

I wanna try sketching her or maybe commission someone to draw her if I can't manage it.

I've been keeping on with some of the cleaning/decluttering, and P and I have been talking about some changes in the condo, like maybe with the tax refund doing one of those faux-built-in walls of Billy bookshelves. I've got some shelves I need to put together to go over my desk. We just keep moving, right?