Jack of Many Trades

World turned upside down?

Originally posted: 2020-03-21

In a slightly... well I guess it's not more or less literally, it's just a different metaphor, because while it is by all accounts spring outside, energetically it feels more like the autumn that is turning in the southern hemisphere. I'm seeing spirits I normally only see in the autumn, wild hunters and devourers of rot. I don't expect to see the Carnival this year at all, at this point. I keep going back to Mara because at least the earth is green and things are growing.

It's also autumnish at work. Yes I'm still working - did you know I work at a credit union? Late October through mid December there's tons of folks dealing with late year cash crunches and a lot of what we do then, we're doing now as much as we can for folks. I'm still going in because I'm not set up to work from home yet but I'm fairly sure we'll get there.

Today I worked an extra half shift and then we went out to an outdoor labyrinth nearby. Bug had the patience to walk it, and even sit for a while in the center. I was very impressed. It was just such a nice day to be out somewhere, anywhere.