Jack of Many Trades

Checking In

Originally posted: 2020-02-10

Hello. Tomorrow is my last day of work for the next three weeks and despite it being because of FMLA leave for surgery recovery I feel... guilty? Because I have paid time to take?

Thanks, Tyler.

I have been super burned out at work so the timing is really good, though, which is probably why I feel bad about it. And then when I return, I'm switching from the teller position to a phone tech support team. The pay doesn't change but I'll have a set schedule and weekends off again, and I will lose the sales goals and the "smile more" and being told to my face I'm not a real person so I think it'll be good for me.

I need to re-up my paid account here probably except that I'm so bad at posting. I keep thinking I should do something about that but I'm not sure what. Post, presumably.

It sounds really basic but I've been working on the homework things in the new place - finding routines, getting the things done that keep everything running even when I don't feel like it. I'm really leaning on the "organizing for ADD people" advice that there's no point in trying to do things the way you're "supposed to" if you can't do them that way, so you might as well figure out what works and do that.

(fiver recently reminded me of the eclectic rede - Nine words the Eclectic Rede attest: steal what works, fix what's broke, fake the rest - and I hadn't previously thought about it as Chaos Magic Homemaking when I read the organizing books that made sense to me but... that's totally the same principals.)

Besides rolling around in anxiety and working on making a laundry routine work and spending too much time in medical offices (I went in for my T shot today and I have an appointment tomorrow to evaluate a cracked tooth for removal, just in case I was worried I wouldn't have enough time in waiting rooms before surgery tomorrow) I've been writing a bit, mostly just stuff with an audience of one (P). I've hung shelves and hooks and art in the new place. I tried a new recipe tonight. I've got a stack of library books waiting for me while I recover.