Jack of Many Trades

What I Am Talking About And What I Am Not Talking About

Originally posted: 2019-10-03

Benebell Wen has posted, opening preorders for her Metaphysician's Day Planner and that means it's time for me to Make Decisions about Planning Things.

I am still using Wen's planner, which I think may be a personal record for my ENTIRE LIFE. I'm only carrying it part time as I'm experimenting with bullet journaling again (shush) but I firmly believe that it was worth what I paid for it and then some if only for the astrological education I got out of it. Even in my bullet journal, I've got space weather noted down as it might be important.

Last month I was using a A5 notebook with Tomoe River paper, but it was just so thin and so smooth that I didn't like it. I was disappointed, honestly, because Tomoe River paper is generally regarded as The Best Paper but it just didn't work for me? This month I did a full layout in a Moleskine I had laying around. The paper is thicker and rougher but maybe it's more familiar or maybe it's because I prefer fine-point pens to brushes and fountain pens.

Yesterday after my doctor's appointment I sat down with the Moleskine and set it up. I don't know why I'm so bad at sticking with something just because it works, but there is a satisfaction in setting up something new. I marked dates in through the next new moon, two days to a page with my work schedule and Bug's school holidays and a bit of space weather. I made a fresh to-do list and stuck on some stickers I got from Wish.

Let's see what happens! Maybe it'll at least give me something to focus on instead of overthinking medical stuff.