Jack of Many Trades


Originally posted: 2019-09-20

It's being an interesting week so far. I met a person named Cyprian while working on Wednesday, whom I had never interected with before, and on Thursday I fell asleep on the couch and just happened to wake up at five minutes til midnight so I didn't have to angst over "missing" a day even if I made it up. It's nothing particularly dramatic but frankly I prefer it when it's not most of the time.

We're finally settling into a school routine now that Bug is in kindergarten. I don't know that I mentioned it at the time but I was impressed how very specific the switch from summer to early fall was this year - school starting and labor day lined up neatly with the reinstatement of the rainy season. It was like a switch flipped, even with a bit of warm days hanging around later on. It's wet again now.

I think it's yet another good reminder of how where we are in life and where we are in geography affect what we celebrate. I remember the start of school very much feeling like a new year when I was younger, and then it didn't, and now it does again. And here I am doing something new with it without even realizing it until I'm deeply invested. Pondering other changes. Decluttering, selling, gifting, and generally moving things I no longer take joy in on to other people who hopefully will.

Working to let other things go as well. Part of the prayer Jason Miller posted involves telling St Cyprian and the others that you're handing your worries over to them. I vacillate over this all the time. There are so many things I have no control over, and after a certain point handing them over is all I can do.

Which is how I felt tonight, when Bug was having trouble sleeping and I asked her if she was thinking a lot. She comes over to sit in my lap and asks me if things "actually really truly actually" will happen like in the lock down drill they practiced today.

We talked about what her school told her about lock down drills, and the other kinds of drills she'd had, and how her teachers wanted to make sure she didn't worry because she'd know what to do if something bad happened.

I don't want to have to have this conversation with my five year old. But here I am, so I guess I have to do my best about it.