Jack of Many Trades

St Cyprian, St Justina, Aslan and the White Witch

Originally posted: 2019-09-17

A couple of weeks ago we looked at a condo with a big ol' lion on the door knocker. I've been working with lots of powers for the house hunt, but the idea that I'd want to bring Aslan into it hadn't occurred to me before that. That brought into sharp focus for me the fact that he's kind of a big deal to my spouse and I basically ignore him. It's the same as the way I ignore pretty much all of the powers I consider as powers of Light, really, he's just the obvious one because he lives in my hallway. I'm really more of a Tame Tiger kind of guy than a Not a Tame Lion guy.*

But I had a dream a little bit ago with Aslan in it, and Good Omens has had me with angels on the brain for the first time in ages, and I've been trying to figure out how I feel about Light, and separate how I feel about Aslan from how I feel about Yeshua from how I feel about growing up Catholic from how I feel about waves in the general direction of Mike Pence I guess. Meanwhile I was thinking about how I'd enjoyed the daily structure when I was doing prayers for Hekate every day and trying to decide if I wanted to bring something like that back for another round, and in the middle of all that walks St Cyprian, because it's time to do his novena so a bunch of the magicky types I follow are talking about that.

I've thought about doing it before but wasn't sure how I felt about the whole... you know... saint thing. Some people decouple him from Catholicism, and some Forty Servants people separate the working they do around this time from Cyprian himself entirely, and on the other hand some people are like “the conversion is kind of a big part of his deal” so I rolled the idea around and decided I'd do Jason Miller's version (because apparently Miller is my default answer) where you call on St Cyprian, St Justina and St Theoctistus, and full on talk about the blood of Christ, and see how it felt. I figure I can always back out of the h4Rdk0re version if I want to. I started that yesterday.

I'm doing the prayers out loud and "the blood of Christ" has a mouthfeel that I'd completely forgotten.

Just to make it more complicated, last night I had a dream where I was dealing with my ex but I was in Narnia and she was Jadis, and at some point in the dream we became aware that there was a power above and behind her that was a sort of primal White Witch that Jadis-my-ex co-opted, who was more akin to Mara-Marzanna or Perchta and reminded me of a friend who has talked about Jadis resonating with them before.

At some point there had been a truce between the Light and the Dark, between the solstices. They strove against each other but there was balance and understanding as well, but this usurper had come in and used the snowblindness of deep winter to disrupt the balance and keep the light from returning, but she didn't understand that the light has to die for spring to return, that's the whole point.

Also St. Justina was there but she was wearing leathers and banishing demons wielding the Nailbat of Holy Light so... definitely blaming Good Omens for that one.

SO ANYWAY it's being a deeply weird week and it's only Tuesday, how are you doing?

*Mister Rogers feels more like balance to me than Light despite being a minister.