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Stay and Go

Originally posted: 2019-07-19

princessofgeeks posted: Good Omens meta. If you're in the mood for Good Omens meta, I recommend starting here and following the breadcrumbs to other/previous posts, cimorene has a good one and there's several others linked, but what I've been thinking about is this bit:

This to me is the great wonder that Pratchett and Gaiman suggested, and that the show absolutely caught in this weird difficult way because of the writing and because of Michael Sheen -- his Aziraphale is so concerned about the details! This particular taste, this particular person, this particular vintage, this particular book. It just chokes me up -- the beauty he finds in the details. He never overlooks anything.

Ever since Screwtape -- hell, ever since Dante! Milton! -- it's been conventional wisdom that the Devil gets all the good lines. And this to me is one of the great achievements of Good Omens and Sheen.

Gaiman and Sheen found a space where goodness is not cardboard and boring. And boy, do we need that. We need a new morality and they provide it.

Bug has gotten very into Mr Rogers' Neighborhood, so we watch an episode most nights before bed. Ideally this calms her down, although sometimes whatever's going on in the Neighborhood of Make Believe can be dramatic. But when the idea that Aziraphale's "goodness" is reflected in his appreciation for the details was mentioned, the first thing I thought of was Mr Rogers and his genuine interest in everything and everyone, and his appreciation for everything and everyone, and his love for everything and everyone, and how much those are the same thing.

I keep thinking of that circle, of seeking to understand and understanding and love. I'm still looking for different ways to handle my anxieties, and seeking understanding helps. I want to understand. A lot of stuff goes over my head - I'm not good at reading people, and I am not nearly so good as Mr Rogers at always seeing the joy in what's in front of me, and I can't appreciate existence the way Neil Degrasse Tyson does, but I can sure pick out what I can see.

Pulled cards tonight for the first time in a while. Unsurprisingly, got called out on overthinking. It was one of those readings where the "go" option got the seven of pentacles (waiting, planning) and the "stay" option got the magician (do! the! thing!) so I had to drag out all of my assumptions about the situation and put them on the table. I joked earlier that I only have two modes, wannabe homesteader and wannabe vanlifer.

"Going" meets committing, buying a house, not necessarily now but likely in the next year or two. I phrased it as "going" because I hate moving and for some reason I've largely framed this in my head as moving or not moving.

"Staying" means remaining in a rental, and what that really meant, I realized, was figuring out why it was worth staying in a rental. "Because my mom thinks me buying a house is scary" is not a reason. "Because I think I want to move to Seattle and go to divinity school" might be. Hell, "because I want to buy an RV and be a travelling jewelry artist" might be, and it'd be a better answer than the one I have now, which is nothing at all.