Jack of Many Trades

Just a Guy

Originally posted: 2019-06-29

Man, ten years ago I was busy. Not only did I just pass the leaving-my-ex anniversary but also the ten year anniversary of my coming out post. I was thinking about how weird coming out was because I'd gotten so used to thinking of this body as not-mine. It never occurred to me to do anything to be more comfortable in it. At first calling myself trans felt like cheating or appropriation since I was "just" a guy in a female-looking body, not a real trans person.

I'm still not sure if we feel dysphoria or not, to be honest, so I'm really glad that the Official Trans Narrative is moving away from centering dysphoria as the be-all and end-all of trans experience.

In retrospect I can see how much of that not-feeling-allowed was hangups about what I was allowed to feel and what I felt like I deserved. Or didn't deserve. And all of the different parts of my life where I felt like that.

It's funny how transitioning works.