Jack of Many Trades

Day 21 - And Now For Something Completely Different

Originally posted: 2017-03-22

This morning was pretty unremarkable - I got dressed, started the dishwasher, took out the trash, said morning prayers on my way to work, got on the phone. The usual. I started playing with the new to-do tracking in my bullet journal. Then around 11:30 I noticed something was weird on the edges of my vision. Some of my peripheral vision was missing, and more was weirdly blurry. It didn't last very long, and was followed by a headache.

Normally I'd just try to forget it as soon as possible but I ran it by my spouse to see what they'd say and their reaction was "uh, nope. call Advice Nurse."

So I compromised and emailed Advice Nurse, and you know it's a bad sign when you email Advice Nurse and she calls you back almost immediately. I described it to her and she wanted me to come in today. Just. you know, in case. Because of my medical history.

(Have I mentioned how much I hate that phrase?)

So off I went, in the middle of the day, and it was resoundingly not awesome, but everyone agreed it was for the best that I came in just to make sure.

In other news, I have ruined my streak of not having migraines since the early 2000s.

The streak I have not ruined is doing this practice every day, because I dragged my sorry butt down the creek anyhow, and called out to Tuesday's power, who's starting to acquire epithets, at least. He is called the Stolen Crown and the Maligned One and Dread Fairness. He's extremely formal when I'm in ritual but can turn around and smirk at me the next minute, and he's not what I thought he was at all, but that's just par for the course for me, ain't it?

Anyway. Three weeks down and off we go again...