Jack of Many Trades

Day 19 - Slowing Down

Originally posted: 2017-03-20

Today was a slow day. Bug's not feeling well and we didn't have anything we needed to do, so we just stayed in. I darned another sock until my wrist started hurting (time to get my supports back out) and worked on coupons and laundry and bead organizing. And I did find time to get outside while it was nice out and go down to the creek.

Apparently we've reached the point in daily practice where I am getting somewhere. I know this is happening, not when I start getting inspiration, but when I start getting my ass kicked. Part of my invokation of Redbird is asking for creativity and today she basically called me out on it.

I have lots of ideas, and that's wonderful, but my follow-through is lacking. Some of that is executive function issues, some of it is compulsive tendencies, but a lot of it is just dicking around on the internet. (And there's a lot of overlap there, because infinite scroll + OCD can be a baaaaad combination, but still.)

I have a lot of projects that I am in the middle of, and even more that never seem to make it past acquiring the raw materials. Sometimes that's because an idea doesn't pan out, and that's fine. Sometimes projects are going to take a while, especially if I'm spending the time on things like playing with Bug or taking care of the house. But this isn't those things.

What did I tell you not to do?

Get distracted.

And what did you immediately do?

... Get distracted?

And if I was satisfied with the way I was spending my time, that'd be something else too. But, once again, I'm not. I look up at midnight and wonder where the time went. I like my hobbies! I want to do them more often!

I'm not sure what the solution is. Maybe I go back to using a blocker in my browser for specific websites, or I try more specific, time-limited goals, or I try some new ways of actually working on my to-do list, or... I don't know.

But she's right. I gotta do the thing if I want to do the thing.

Maybe that's something I can address the next two days...