Jack of Many Trades

Day 08 - Adaptability

Originally posted: 2017-03-09

Well that after-work thing worked well for two whole days, and then tonight we were determined to not just miss out on another couch, so my spouse picked me up and we went a-couching. It's a good deal and in nice shape and they're going to see about delivering it, so if it works out it'll be worth it.

That meant that I was doing ritual after bedtime again, with minimal intonations. Pillai and Bluebird are up again, as I start the second week of doing this. I ended up going off-script today, but that's okay. I like the idea of the prayers as something when I don't know what to say, but if I want to add something in, I'm not going to ignore it.

I actually found myself looking forward to it - waiting for the chance to turn to the powers for a few minutes is a good feeling. Even when the hair level means I should keep an eye on them.

(Edit: I published this right before going to bed last night and I have no idea what that last sentence was supposed to be.)