Jack of Many Trades

Day 06 - the Dark Lady Doesn't Take My Shit

Originally posted: 2017-03-07

Well, a little bit.

Work today was obnoxiously busy, and I was having an asynchronous conversation with a good friend about things going on with both of us. I mentioned offhandedly that the writing part was what was kicking my ass, because I ended up sitting here, trying not to doze off sitting up, while I translated my notebook notes into a blog post.

I was already grumbling about being up late and feeling tired thinking about it, and I got the equivalent of an elbow to the ribs. Stop complaining and think about solutions, was her message. And when I did, it occurred to me that I'd be home before my spouse and kid, so there was no reason I couldn't do the ritual then.

So today I got home from work and before I even changed out of my work clothes, I like the incense and candles and called on Mara and the Dark Lady. It's not something that's an option every day due to schedules; on weekends in particular, I'm rarely home by myself. But it worked very well not to have to worry about my volume and the timing worked much better overall. (I'm still up past midnight but that includes falling asleep for an hour or so trying to get the Littlest Insomniac to sleep in her bed...)

Offering Monday to the Dark Lady was a bit of a complicated call. I don't work with a moon in the way I work with Redbird as the sun. That's an angle I've poked at lightly but not had any clicks from yet. The Dark Lady (and yes, I'm still considering this the same as Hekate whom I worked with for months, but it's... complicated) doesn't inherently embody most of the associations the moon typically holds in astrological work.

But there are motherly associations that the moon has, astrologically, and on a personal level when I reach for that, for the sense of someone who sees the things I do unconsciously, for childhood and "home", I reach for her.

I'm not sure right now how much of the comfort with this choice is just that I missed working with her and how much is actually that the planetary association works, but I'll see how it feels next week.