Jack of Many Trades

Day 04 - Tzymir

Originally posted: 2017-03-05

As Mara is the Merciful Earth, so her parent is the Severe Earth. As she is soil, he is stone. When he lived, he was the leader of his siblings, the eldest and the most calm. He held them together. He reached out to the native spirits and created relationships. For all that his death accomplished for mortals and those who would help them, it also hastened the war between his siblings and the material plane that holds them.

His association with Saturn was the first one I thought of, and the idea that crystalized this effort for me. He's the Dead One, the closest thing I have to a god of death. He oversees the labyrinth at the center of all things, guiding people between lives when he sees fit.

I actually tried to work with him back in November at the prompting of Redbird, except then a lot of things happened at once. Necessary things, but overwhelming, and what I was trying to do kind of fell apart. Things that closed old doors and opened new ones, and in retrospect, it's very much in his nature to decide something needs a little more oomph to push it along and do so.

He is authority and confidence, two skills I'm badly lacking in, so with him I'm working on that. If there's a power overseeing this exercise, it'd be him. Part of my mandate is to write magic with confidence, and he's also associated with writing.

Littlest Insomniac was up just as late tonight and I'm exhausted, but while I faltered in my confidence while calling Tzymir tonight, the reaction I got seemed understanding.