Jack of Many Trades

Day 02 -If It Was Easy...

Originally posted: 2017-03-03

If it was easy to do this every day I would already be doing it.

The Littlest Insomniac decided to throw off my schedule tonight, though it's hard to complain much about snuggling on the couch with a toddler who's very invested in watching Bob Ross paint happy little trees. When I was a kid, I used to watch him in rapt fascination too. I've been using him as calming background noise since Twitch started doing their Joy of Painting marathons and he's great for that.

Anyway, today is Thursday, which was one of the first days I assigned. Pechak and Velos, the Hawk and the Serpent, share Thursday. I drafted a prayer for them but suddenly couldn't find it tonight (though I did manage to find an earlier draft for Pellai and Bluebird that I thought I'd lost) and also I felt like Peshak was basically daring me to push it further, so I ended up with one of the most aggressive prayers I've ever written.

In fairness, that's not hard. I'm not usually a very aggressive pray-er. But the point of the exercise is to push my comfort levels and set points, and there's certainly no shortage of precedent for prayers where you ask the powers to actively stymie those who would work against you. I'm also getting into the habit of using "my household" in place of "me" or "my family" and it does feel more precise somehow.

I sat in contemplation for a bit afterwards and put together some things from a dream I had a few days ago, so now I think I have a new myth to work on. And now I'm up way too late, having work in the morning, so I'd better do my last bit of work with Redbird and get to bed.