Jack of Many Trades

Right,That. Do It Anyway.

Originally posted: 2017-02-11

Do it anyway: It's my theme for the year! It's how I'm supposed to be soldiering on!

It's surprisingly easy to forget when I'm feeling doubtful.

So, yes, first I signed up for #domagick. I consulted with my spirits and my spouse on the topic, and I'm going to be doing something in the realm of protection magic. I've been sick most of the week, but I've got some ideas I want to work on. I also broke out my copy of Jason Miller's Protection and Reversal Magic, though one of the requirements for #domagick is that you keep your research:practice ratio below 5:1.

I did some brainstorming on aspects of protection I want to work on, from the obvious like wards to things like curating luck. I'm doing a course on sigils now that I'll probably look at tying in because why do two separate things when I can do two intertwined things.

And then in a fit of Doing It, I went ahead and put my name in for a column on Pagan Bloggers. Will I be accepted? Hell if I know, but at least I did it.

Another requirement of #domagick is talking about what you're doing a lot so I hope y'all don't mind too much...