Jack of Many Trades

oh. well then.

Originally posted: 2016-12-12

I started this blog five years ago yesterday. Well, the first version of this blog - it's moved around a bit and been renamed once or twice since then. Still, five years is the longest run I've had on a "real" blog.

Five years ago, we'd only just moved to Greater Portlandia. Today we finished moving into our third apartment in the area, and our first one that we can pretend is actually a Portland address. Years of building a relationship with Portlandia, Willamette, and other local powers has paid off in some real ways in the last fourteen months or so.

I'm not sure how I feel about it all right now. We've been moving for the last week and a half, so I'm exhausted and stressed. Logistically, it's a big improvement, and there's a lot of exciting things about the new place, but right this second I can only think that it's Sunday night and I don't feel like I got any rest over the weekend.

I took advantage of the move to rework some of my altars. I'm experimenting with new kinds of wall-hanging altars, basing some on grapevine wreaths. I've got the basic wards up and I'm working on different reinforcements that take advantage of the features of the new space.

It's a little overwhelming right now, but I think it'll be good.

That goes for a lot of things at the moment, doesn't it?