Jack of Many Trades

Progress? Week One

Originally posted: 2016-11-06

I went to the doctor today. I didn't intend to, but the baby was sick and we were at urgent care anyway and I've been coughing for 2 weeks and my spouse told me I needed to. They were right. They were so so right.

It looks like I have bronchitis and maybe also mono or thrush or something just to spice it up a bit. We'll see in a couple of days. In the meantime, National Novel Writing Month is going about as well as you might expect when you have bronchitis and maybe mono.  That is to say: I think I'm behind.

I am writing every day. That's something at least.

If you're counting, you know that means I've been sick since before Halloween. I did manage to close out the month the way I intended, and do both my final dark moon offering and the Global Hekate Rite. I started NaNo. I... sort of kicked off the King's Ride?

I'm writing, but Tzymir remains elusive. I feel like I'm giving chase, and I'm not sure I'm doing it right.

Last night I actually dreamed about chasing and being chased - I angered an immortal elf queen and she tracked me down in life after life until I tried to turn the tables by chasing her down instead. At one point she hamstrung me and I kept going after her.

Which is, I will admit, an awful lot like how I feel now, having got back from urgent care.

It's a weird feeling, especially given that I just happened to have no voice on the 1st of November, and had gotten the go-ahead from my boss to call off in that exact situation despite still being in my first 90 days. I was handed the holiday I like to celebrate on the 1st - but I was too sick to fully enjoy it and I got a little better but now I feel worse. Was that a gift? Is this a challenge? Am I reading too much into it?

Probably. I'm used to crappy things that turn out to be for the best in the long run (*cough*cancer*cough*) but if someone's going to turn this one around for me, they'd better do it soon.