Jack of Many Trades

Old Habits

Originally posted: 2016-10-24

This is how I usually do NaNoWriMo: spend all of October plotting and worldbuilding, start strong, and then inevitably change projects one week into November. I've done this at least six times, with varying degrees of success.

This year I am not thinking much about it. I am not planning. I'm in a group for bullet journalers doing NaNo but I haven't made a layout or even outlined ideas in my notebook. It's a little bit terrifying.

To keep myself from moving on from Hekate before my time is up, I'm not letting myself do much specific preparation for the King's Ride. I don't want to fail Hekate this close to the end of my obligation. I also want to stay open to possibilities with the Ride, and not impose a lot of my baggage onto it before I even get there.

I found a Tumblr collecting folks who are writing non-fiction for November and that had an appeal. I'm not any good at restricting myself to either fiction or non instead of that middle ground, but having both options in the back of my head seems useful.

The goal is only to keep going forward. I'll figure out what the path looks like when I get there.

Who else is writing in November? I do better with accountability!