Jack of Many Trades

Playing With Sharp Things

Originally posted: 2016-05-30

The problem with trying to gather up everything of a particular category in one place is that one has to remember where all of the things from that category are. If I've forgotten where something is, or even that I owned it, you'd think it'd be easy to cast aside but my memory is terrible and I've had things disappear during terrible moves before, so when something seems to be nowhere to be found, well, either it'll turn up or it won't, so I move on and put the thought aside.

In this case, it was an array of pieces from Odin's altar, from the last time Odin had a proper altar. Spearhead, knife, other knife, small sword-shaped letter opener, a necklace I used to wear for Loki and a few other bits and bobs. I come by my obsession with sharp things honestly.

I don't quiiiiiite have room in my Magical Knives Drawer for more knives, but we all know I'm going to find space for them.

Have I talked about my Ridiculous Knife Collection? Because it's ridiculous. I have your normal assortment of metal ritual blades and bowie knives and daggers and pocket knives I've pressed into service when I somehow managed not to have a fancy knife to hand. I also have knives made of wood, bone, and glass. You know, because you never know exactly how you might want to tweak your elemental associations. (If I wanted to, I could set up an altar where every element was represented by a knife. That generates some interesting energy of its own, as you can probably imagine.)

I actually did take out and consider all of these when I was doing the original KonMari (except, of course, for the ones I just found). The thing is? I really do love them all. They each have different energies, associations and uses. As ridiculous as it might be to have a Magical Knife Drawer full of magical knives, hey, I've done much more ridiculous things. If I'm embracing what makes me happy and has worked for me for a long time, well, stabby things are definitely on that list.