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Metaphysical KonMari: Practices

Originally posted: 2016-02-05

I was trying to make a list of practices and then I got to 'reading runes' and I stopped.

(Why is it always the fucking runes that trip me up? Can I blame Odin? I blame Odin.)

You see, I only read with runes about twice a year, when I'm doing specific kinds of card readings that need additional context. I happened to think about runes because I have been thinking about my missing ones for days on end now, but there are probably plenty of other things I only do every couple of months and I'm not thinking of.

I was talking to a friend about this and she suggested that I treat it similarly to the decluttering technique where you turn your hangers backwards for six months or a year and only keep the clothes' whose hangers have been turned, indicating that they were worn.

This is a reasonable suggestion, but it doesn't make for much of a blog post, nor does it make me feel like I'm accomplishing much, so I started making a list and I've been slowly adding to it and I realized today that I've been overlooking a whole category of things. Things I have very much wanted to declutter from my spiritual life before.

I am, of course, referring to scrupulous practices. These overlap heavily with luck and omen-spotting, and are therefore metaphysical and/or spiritual practices. They go on the list.

I think, to tie it back into Keep Going, I need to make it a regular review process, same as evaluating what I'm reading. Practices that are generally good can become scrupulous for me, and taking some time off from them can reset them to healthy levels. In the past I've had to be told when I need to do this kind of stepping away. I need to learn how to do it for myself.

Awareness matters.

So... how do I know when to move onto step four? Honestly, I'm not sure. Maybe I'll just barrel right into that too. Let me think about it and get back to you.