Jack of Many Trades

Metaphysical KonMari: An Outline

Originally posted: 2016-01-19

After my previous post about the idea of a spiritual or metaphysical KonMari, I couldn't get the idea out of my head.

The KonMari system divides everything one owns up into categories, and then instructs that you gather all of the things in that category together and go through it in one big session, deciding what brings joy and what doesn't. Marie Kondo recommends starting with clothing, then books, then paper, then komono, or miscellaneous household items, and then sentimental objects. The idea is to progress from the easiest decisions to the most complicated.

So the question is, what 'categories' would one use for a spiritual KonMari process? Right now, I have a rough outline of four categories:

  • I'd start with physical items because that is a process I'm already familiar with using the KonMari method on. Gathering up all of my altar pieces and tools will be a bit of a logistics challenge, but it'll be good to try to dredge everything out of hiding anyway. I am definitely a Magic Packrat. The question here is the simple "Does $THING bring me joy?"
  • After the easiest stuff is done, I'll probably look at influences. This includes things like the blogs I read, the pagan/magical Facebook groups I read and post in, Tumblr follows, Instagram follows, even my to-read pile. "Does $GROUP bring joy into my life?" Yes or no, and move on.
  • Once that's complete, I intend to move on to the more complex practices. It may seem too early, but I want, in part, to divorce practices from all the other categories. If I take joy in a practice, I can adapt it. If I do not, I can find other practices to satisfy the other categories. This question is "Do I find joy in doing $THING, or in having done it?"
  • Much like sentimental items, I am saving what I expect to be the most fraught category for last: spirits and powers_._ Yes, I'm "decluttering the gods." It may seem strange to do this separately from altars, but I can always repurposes items I like for other uses, or find new altar pieces to replace ones I don't really like. This category is more about evaluating my relationships with the powers in my life. I don't expect every interaction with an entity to bring me ecstatic joy. This is "On the whole, am I happier and better off having $ENTITY in my life?" The answer might be no because the relationship is unpleasant, or because it is no longer going anywhere or because I get only crickets and emptiness. It doesn't matter whether the disconnect is on my part or the spirit's.

This last category will involve divination in various areas to determine what the opinions of the spirits are, to see if there is anyone trying to get a message in that I'm not hearing, and to tie into the 'personal court' I discussed in the previous post. There will be offerings of thanks and well-wishes to any spirits I am ending a relationship with, regardless of whether it's my choice or theirs.

Suggestions for additional categories or divination spreads/techniques for the last category are welcome, as well as experiences with ending relationships respectfully. I've done the latter before but not often.