Jack of Many Trades


Originally posted: 2016-01-17

I started the new year with #31daysofmagic, a challenge from the Strategic Sorcery community. I was really good about it and then the last couple of days it's gotten away from me, as the ideas I had for animals and boxes were much more ambitious than I really had time for.

Scope matters.

Normally I would quietly give up, because I've got perfectionist tendencies. If I can't do it perfectly, I don't want to do it at all. But that's not how keeping going works, so instead I decided to pick up where I left off.

And today that means setting things on fire, so bonus. There's nothing to instagram tonight, unfortunately, because I didn't get the camera ready before I set the paper on fire. Oh well, maybe it's for the best.

The important thing is picking back up and getting on with the magic. Other things, too - before the holidays, I picked up two part time jobs, one of which is temporary and starting to wind down. I'm finally not working six or seven days a week every week, and that's got me in a place where I can start juggling other things again.

I'm happier when I have a lot of things in motion. I suppose it's kind of the mundane equivalent of shoaling. If I keep kicking at a bunch of things, sooner or later one is bound to score a goal, right? Well, maybe not, but it beats not even trying.