Jack of Many Trades

Notebook of Shadows

Originally posted: 2015-10-04

Two years ago, I signed up for Jason Miller's Strategic Sorcery course. I was looking for ways to take a practice that had become really theoretical and bring it back to, well, reality. While I enjoyed the course, I didn't give it as much attention as I could have, in many places cherrypicking techniques that seemed immediately relevant and skipping things I thought sounded irrelevant or silly.

Recent discussions in the group for current and former students, however, have got me looking at the course again and a few days ago I sat down and did the initial reading and ritual again. When I finished, I immediately grabbed my planner and wrote down my impressions from the ritual.

In theory, I could write this in a special journal just for the course, or a more traditional book of shadows that's solely for magical and spiritual topics. In practice, though... I start those and then they do one of two things: either I stop using them after a few pages, or they morph into more general notebooks anyway.

I recently consolidated all of my blogging efforts into this single site. This is a thing I do semi-regularly - I'll have some idea that sounds like a perfect reason to have a secondary blog, and I'll start it, and one or the other blog will drop off entirely. I just cannot focus on more than one blog at a time, no matter how good my intentions or my planning system.

The same is true of a planner/journal system. For me personally, if I try to maintain more than one notebook, planner or journal I will inevitably end up putting everything in one book anyway. I couldn't even maintain a traveler's notebook setup because my brain froze at having three tiny inserts to choose from! Giving it more than one actual notebook is just a recipe for disaster.

It really just goes back to the need to have everything in one place, doesn't it?