Jack of Many Trades


Originally posted: 2015-08-06

The envelope arrived with the name Blaser, Robin above my address, in both Anglo characters and hanzi. I almost assumed it was for my sister at first glance. After all, I hadn't used that last name in years.

My stomach crawled as I tore the seal in half. Being found would be complicated. How complicated would depend on what it said. A small stack of paperwork slid into my hand, and I skimmed the first page.

It was a... job offer?

All of the forms were filled out with the name I'd been using for the last few years, Duncan, with a variety of details about what kind of work I could be doing for the Ballentyne Robotics Division. The timing was good, I'd give them that, but I hadn't done much in the realm of legal robotics since I was in university. Why now? Why put my old name on the envelope?

The last page was handwritten, on a much thinner paper than the rest of the pile. 'I do not want to threaten you,' the letter began, 'but if I can find you, so can other people. I've seen your work. I want you in my department. No one else has to know.' It was signed Okoro Monifa, division head.

I could ignore it. I could go further underground - some of the people I did work for would be happy to help with that. Or I could try it. It would certainly solve some immediate cash flow problems, but was that worth it?

I folded the paperwork back up and set it on Mara's altar, along with fresh incense.

"I don't know if this is your answer," I told the goddess. "If it is, I don't want to turn it down. If it's not, I don't want to jump the gun. Help?"