Jack of Many Trades

The Daughter of Earth

Originally posted: 2015-07-24

When the Three felled Tzymir, though they were caught in the act they took his body with them as they fled, certain that their work was too important to be denied. They let him bleed out and caught his blood as it crystallized in the air. Once he was bled dry, they took his body and cut it in two. Together they had enough magic to raise two great islands in the ocean that Kaana couldn't touch with all her rage, that were shielded against the magic of their parents. They planned to create their own civilization and raise up the humans their parents treated so badly.

The first time they cut into the soil of the land that would be Lemuria, they found her. The plow turned up a hand the color of loamy soil, and then another the color of clay, then feet and limbs in all shades of earth, before the brothers noticed the carnage behind them. They rushed back to dig the rest of her out, and quick-fingered Wehaz sewed her together like a child's doll, and clever Wodanaz wove magic to restore her, and Wiljon smiled as she opened her eyes and welcomed her.

Her eyes were the green of fresh grass, and her hair hung the pale brown of wheat. She sat up and looked at her hands.

"Who are you?" Wodanaz asked her.

"I am Tzymir's daughter," she told them, and all three tried to hide their shudder. "But I appreciate what you have built."

Wehaz recovered first. "What should we call you?"

"Mara will do."

And they took her among them and told her what they were doing and how they believed. She spent some time with them, helping build the infrastructure of their island projects, but it was not long before she chose to go out into the rest of the world to offer farming and building to those who wished to learn away from the protection of the Three.