Jack of Many Trades

Entering the Labyrinth

Originally posted: 2015-05-06

One day the Third Sister, the Iron Lady, gathered her siblings together for important news. "I have spoken with the Firebird and discovered a way for us to the infection of solid matter."

Her siblings were skeptical, but bid her continue.

"All of the beings on this world come from the earth. Their souls may aspire to leave it through a process of multiple incarnations, in which they shed their attachments to matter through life after life."

Chenek coughed. "Are you suggesting we- we become mortal?" He sounded as if he would choke on the very word. "That we choose to die?" All of them avoided looking at Tzymir's empty place at the table.

The Third Sister nodded. "To leave the labyrinth, you have to enter it. You have to walk it, Chenek. We're not just here to complain that we are here."

"This is madness!" Kaana screamed, storming up to her sister and looming over her.

"This is insulting," Oc Ha shook her head, her voice calm but her mind just as made up, "and not a move to make rashly. It is extremely risky-"

"There is no risk at all," Chenek spoke every word with the gravity of magic in his words. "We will do no such thing, Sister. It would be humiliating to lower ourselves to such levels. But I would not deny you your opportunity to roll in the muck.

"We know you have been helping the children, Sister, but this... this is too much. Go and play your game, and we will watch as you suffer and age and die. Your name will be forgotten and the syllables never again uttered. At most you are our Lost Sister, who suffered a fate worse that Tzymir. When we leave, you will be left here to burn with this world."

The Third Sister stood, her brother's magic strong enough that she could barely remember her own name. Still, she had her dignity. She laid a single hand upon her throne and it collapsed to iron filings, sweeping around her into a heavy, shining gorget at her throat and a cloak trailing behind her like chained lace.

She might have been Nameless, but she was not lacking in will, and her mind was already made up when she called her siblings. In truth, she had already been lost to them.