Jack of Many Trades

Of Shapes and Smithing

Originally posted: 2015-04-08

Wehaz brought all of his cunning to bear, and his brothers brought their poetry and their logic, but all of his attempts to woo the lady were for naught.

Finally he went to her with neither plan nor plot, simply to ask a question.

"If it will see you on your way," Brhenti sighed, "then ask."

"Why do you refuse all my attempts at courting?" he asked, and she thought he looked sincere.

"Oh, I wish you'd asked me that when you started," she laughed. "You are too full of yourself and your assumptions. Perhaps I prefer the company of others of a softer manifestation in my bed."

Wehaz looked as if she'd struck him. "That's all?" And then he left.

A week later she returned, her angular form reshaped, and looked at Brhenti expectantly.

"It's not just a matter of shapes, Wehaz. It's energy and the way you carry yourself, the way you think of yourself. I'm not just interested in what's between your legs."

Wehaz left straightaway again, and Brhenti thought the matter settled. She didn't see Wehaz again for several years.

One day a great sorceress from otherwhere came to Brhenti's adoptive lands, with an entourage of handmaidens. One of the handmaidens captured Brhenti's attention, and she sought the woman out.

"You are not mortal," Brhenti said to the woman. "Why do you serve this sorceress?"

"She has taught me something I needed to learn."

"And what is that?"

"How to be receptive."

At that, Brhenti recognized her as Wehaz and she had to admit she was intrigued. "Stay with me, and we'll talk. I'd like to know more of what you've learned."

So Wehaz turn her leave of the otherwhere sorceress, and she and Brhenti spent some time talking of magic, and energy, and the shapes they wore. They had never been pure energy as their parents had been, but their essence remained.

"And fire is the most changeable element," Wehaz added.

Brhenti smiled at that. "And metal the most unyielding. Yet..."

"Yet you change in the presence of the flame that burns hot enough."

She put an arm around Wehaz's waist, drawing her closer. "I do. I suppose metal can take a great many shapes, when it is close enough to the fire."

After, as they lay together, Brhenti thought more. "Are you more satisfied in this form than in your first?"

Wehaz considered that. "There are many things I enjoy about a female manifestation, but there are also things I miss. I suppose I don't feel any more attached to one than the other."

"Well, I suspect I could get attached to this one..."