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The Lord of Earth

Originally posted: 2015-02-09

[caption id="attachment_7194" align="alignright" width="206"]Tzymir Tzymir, art by Nil[/caption]

Tzymir, the Lord of the Earth, is one of the original outsiders. He is also known as the Dead Lord because he was murdered. Before recorded history, three of the earliest of the skygods came together and killed him; they wanted his blood and his magic to allow them to build a stronger world for themselves and their followers. The societies they created over his corpse survived for hundreds of years, and so Tzymir is also called the grandfather of humanity.

If you draw the Lord of Earth card in a reading, he often represents the culmination of a significant project, especially one that required hard work and sacrifice. Depending on the position, he could also constitute a warning - someone may be waiting in the wings to build their world on your foundation. Either way, wheels have been set in motion. Earth moves slowly, but when that energy reaches the surface, everybody knows it.

What happened after for Tzymir? Some societies remember him for his death alone, while others accord him a place in the afterlives. There he is regarded as the arbiter of the fates of dead gods and spirits, while he waits to one day see the skygods who killed him. Whether he seeks revenge or some other resolution remains a mystery. He has no real established cultus, but occasionally is given offerings by very powerful blooded sorcerers and adepts who are either in pursuit of immortality or facing imminent, violent death.