Jack of Many Trades

When God Closes a Door, Throw a Chair Through the Goddamned Window

Originally posted: 2015-01-13

Life has a way of snowballing.

You make one decision, almost not realizing you've chosen until you're standing in front of the door, and why wouldnt you walk through by that point? And then the door slams shut behind you and things are a whole lot more complicated on this side than you realized.

And you stop and ask yourself, now what?

There's no going back. The future you thought you had just closed so fast it near about broke the hinges, and you can hear the deadbolt and the chain. The life you were going to live, the person you thought you'd be is dead.

No going back. No way forward you can see. The platitude says that someone's going to open another door or a window for you, but... no way in hell is waiting an option. Who do you think slammed the door in the first place?

I don't want to wait for a higher power to deign to open another door, another window ready for them slam in my face again. Fuck that.

I picked a window, and I put a goddamned chair through it, and my future is my own.