Jack of Many Trades


Originally posted: 2014-12-19

I like food. I like eating out, and I'm learning to love cooking it. Since my daughter, was born, eating out has gotten more complicated.

It's traditional to have a clever nickname for your child online, right? How about I call her Cilantro, because she adds a little flavor?

Anyway, we discovered that Cilantro has an allergy to milk and soy protein. We're hoping she'll outgrow this, but in the meantime, my wife has had to give up dairy and most soy foods. I am already unable to tolerate dairy, seafood and coconut, which... makes substitution tricky. We go through a lot of almond milk in this house.

Cooking from scratch means I can avoid those allergens for the most part, but we still like eating out. Fortunately, Portland is a good city for food allergies. Labels are usually good, and staff are usually accommodating of picky questions. We are still able to navigate a large number of food trucks and restaurants in the meantime. (And sometimes I cheat on the dairy and accept the consequences.)

I want to talk about the places I eat, the food I cook, and everything else that goes along with it. I hope I make you a little bit jealous, a whole lot of hungry, and a good side of interested in trying something new.