Jack of Many Trades

Housekeeping and Daddyblogging

Originally posted: 2014-07-09

Today was my first day working from home as a freelancer and full-time parent. Admittedly, right now, the priority is the full-time parent part; I didn't actually get any writing done during the day.

It's quite a convenient solution, as my spouse wanted to return to work but didn't want to leave our little Coriander with a sitter. I, on the other hand, was pretty dissatisfied with my job (though, as always, it got better at the end) and wanted to be able to freelance more.

I accidentally caught myself thinking about the idea of being a full-time spiritworker, like a consulting theologist. At first I pushed that away; I'm busy with the baby, surely I can't do anything else full-time. That earned me a stern poking sensation.

Mara is a home and hearth goddess, among other things. Months ago, she asked me to learn to cook as an act of devotion to her. (Still working on that one, but I'm better in the kitchen than I was.) Chores are done mindfully. (Chop wood, carry water.) And Coriander... well, it's a long and complicated story, but the short version is that we asked Mara for her and we received her. Surely raising the child dedicated to her is an act of service as well?

Usually my instinct is not to talk about what I do for Mara or the others, but I wonder if it wouldn't be better to discuss it just a bit more. It's probably more interesting to my readers than daddyblogger housekeeping tips I've learned like: sunlight really is that good at removing baby poop stains!

Be grateful, guys. A lot of my brain power is currently going to baby bodily functions, but I'm sparing you all. It's because I love you.