Jack of Many Trades

Transition Period

Originally posted: 2014-06-29

[caption id="" align="alignright" width="280"] Fire Journal by Attic Journals[/caption]

(I'm thinking of using that for a zine title...)

I finally had my first psych appointment last week for my T letter. Second is the 9th. Then the letter has to get written, and I have to go back to the doctor. Then, of course, I have to be on T for a year before surgery goes on the table, as it were. It looks like a really long road right now, and I'm stuck milling around here in Munchkinland. The Emerald City is a long way off and it ain't getting any closer.

My last day at work is the 3rd, and then my only income is from writing and whatever other freelance hustles I can dig up. I get a long weekend with my spouse because of the holiday, and then it'll just be me at home with Coriander all day long starting on the 7th. As much as I worry that I'm not going to be very good at stay-at-home parenting, I also wish I was there already. It would solve the uncertainty that I'm feeling, anyway. There is too much of this feeling that everything is on hold.

Ironically, I'm finding it hard to write here now. I'm working on a few upcoming projects, but everything I do feels like... either I don't know how to talk about it or it's not very impressive-sounding. My list of things I'm not buying new has broadened, with the most recent addition being notebooks and paper. Lupa posted a little while back about used art supplies and that made me more aware of exactly how much paper turns up at the Goodwill.

Today the family wandered around a "recycled art" show. The local artists from Attic Journals were there, selling journals made out of old books. I ended up buying two that were made from old Family Creative Workshop books. This kind of journal is really perfect for my shopping choices because it's not just made from reused books, but it's also an opportunity to support a local artist.

Once I'm staying home, I plan to dive into some of the skills Mara wants me to learn aside from buying everything secondhand. I've been working on cooking, but only slowly. I have a lot of things I'd like to try once I'm staying home, but I don't really have the time or energy to work on those yet either.

I'm going to give myself a pass for this week, focus on the project I want to debut on the 1st, and worry about everything else later.