Jack of Many Trades

L is for Liminality and Loose Ends

Originally posted: 2014-06-13

This month's Cauldron Blog Project topic is about getting behind. It's tremendously appropriate because that's exactly how I feel right now about everything. I'm in kind of a weird, liminalish place. I'm working for a few more weeks before I start staying home with the baby, so for the moment I'm still here nine hours a day and change. But it's slow, so I have time to think, which is always dangerous. Without my time-sucking second job, my evenings are spent watching the baby as much as the lil velociraptor will allow, and then I stay up after she's in bed, trying to get some writing done and mostly failing.

It's incredibly hard not to just put everything on hold until I leave my job. I know intellectually that that's not a good idea - I've lost enough momentum as it is. I don't want to get further behind. But the desire is there... or perhaps I should say it's not there. I light the candles and I poke around a bit but I don't really have the energy to get dragged into anything metaphysical right now.

The next question for 30 days of pop culture paganism is: "Do you and how do you make PC Paganism a part of your daily life?" and right now I find myself sort of staring at it. Ideally, yes, I do - in my daily writing, in my fiction.

Except that's a huge struggle right now.

I know, intellectually, that if I just light the candle, if I just sit, if I just write a few words... I'll get there. But right now, I feel at loose ends.