Jack of Many Trades

H is for Hræsvelgr

Originally posted: 2014-04-19

Something brief for the PBP...

One of the first jotnar I ended up speaking with when I began journeying to Jotunheim was the giant Hræsvelgr, who lives in a cave-like nest on a very tall mountain that overlooks one of the seas that border Jotunheim. He prefers the shape of the eagle, but will sometimes take a humanoid form; he did that for me the first few times we spoke.

His wings help create the harsh, destructive winds that blow across the waters, and like Ran, he takes wreckage as his due. He's been collecting things for... well, a really long time, I guess, and his home is pretty stuffed. I'm trying to figure out a more respectful way to say it, but essentially it's half "curiosity shop" and half "Hoarders episode". He doesn't often share what's rightfully his, but he sometimes bargains and even more rarely gives gifts. He's also good at finding what's been lost.

I wouldn't recommend seeking him out without a reason, but if he's willing to teach you, there's a lot you can learn, tucked away amid centuries of wreckage.