Jack of Many Trades


Originally posted: 2014-04-08

Well, there are choices you have to make when it comes to parenting and one of them is space. The dresser where I had been keeping Kuan Yin's altar is going to house the changing pad, so the Lady got moved onto a space about half the size. Everything fits, though just barely.

To set that up, I had to move a few other small altars around and that got me thinking about Mara's altar. I'm starting to get the itch that she wants it rearranged, but there's not a whole lot of rearrangability in the current configuration. I'm thinking about keeping an eye out for a new small furniture piece or something else that might go in place of the shelf it's already on, or maybe I have something in the house I can use.

I have been doing Butt In Couch instead of Butt In Chair for my regularly scheduled writing rotation. For a while I was using the desk in the second room, but that's got baby stuff all over it (again) and rather than clear it I've just been sitting on the couch with the laptop. This is a terrible plan for my back and I need to just clean off the desk, but I've gotten distracted and off-track this week.

I have been getting writing done, though nothing orderly. That's probably some kind of metaphor, that if I try to be too orderly with my writing, I end up getting nothing done. It's not a very productive metaphor, though. I need to find a way to change that.