Jack of Many Trades

Divination Deck: Dragon, Soft-type

Originally posted: 2014-01-28

Sun, water, earth The Dragon in soft-type, then, is similarly tempered by a human host with human-shaped perspectives and concerns. The sort of person who can serve as a host for the Dragon is usually one with high standards; he may have standards for himself that are impossibly high, until the Dragon grants the ability to achieve them.

Where the Firebird tears down and starts from scratch, the Dragon builds up what is there, always striving to improve. He may be supportive like the earth itself, or yielding and encompassing like the water. He has a temper like an earthquake or a flood, not so quick as the Firebird but longer to come to a boil and in some ways far more dangerous.

The soft-type Dragon card may represent someone who pushes himself and those around him to reach goals that may not actually be achievable. It may represent feelings the querant along those same lines. It may represent a situation where you feel you are being drawn down against your will, or in a more positive placement, it may represent that push to be better and achieve more.