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Secondhand Pagan: Altars on Demand! | the Pagan Hipster Gazette

Originally posted: 2014-01-23

I stopped by Value Village on Sunday because they were letting members take advantage of the holiday sale a day early. I wasn’t looking for anything in particular, but I was seeing one neat piece here and one there and soon I was mentally putting together an entire altar from just what I could find. Here’s what I came up with...

via Secondhand Pagan: Altars on Demand! | the Pagan Hipster Gazette.

So this is a new thing! Not the Secondhand Pagan, you've seen me do that before. But the Pagan Hipster Gazette is a new group blog a couple of friends and I are trying to get off the ground. I'll hopefully be blogging there about thrifting, learning to cook and other hearthy things that just have "hipster" written all over them. I'll crosspost the first few here, but if you're interested in urban pagan homesteading topics, you'll want to check it out as we get off the ground.