Jack of Many Trades

Y is for... Y?

Originally posted: 2013-12-08

What is the point of faith, for me? Why do I deal with gods? Why do I wonder about how the universe works? Why mess with puzzle pieces?

To a certain extent, I would say I don't get a choice. There may have been one, or several, in the past but I haven't had one in ages. A good chunk of what I do it just continuing to deal with the fallout of choices I made when I was a child.

It's not the blessings, though Mara is generous and I thank her profusely. It's also not my OCD even though that does play into my thinking on a regular basis.

Basically I seek to know because it's there. I got into mythology and astronomy at around the same age, because I wanted to know what the big picture looks like. My math skills weren't high enough for astronomy as a program of study, but I still love both subjects.

I write it down because I hope it helps someone else's journey. I've tried doing my spiritual blogging for a small audience, locked, on a filter, but it didn't work. If I'm not putting it out there, I don't feel like what I say has the opportunity to have an impact.